Kingsthorpe Farm Wedding Photography | Rosie & Sam

bride and groom having their first dance at a Kingsthorpe Farm wedding




“To find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness.” – Robert Brault

Rosie and Sam were one of those couples that booked over the phone, so I hadn’t met them before the wedding. I did know that they were both paramedics though, so I was a little in awe of these two people with such real and meaningful jobs. Little did I know that seemingly half the guests were life-savers of one type or another. And those guys can party! The favours being bottles of sloe gin did/didn’t help.. Crikey. The service was at the beautiful Titchmarsh church and the party was at Kingsthorpe Lodge Barn in Polebrook. Family and friends played a huge part in this celebration; many hands had helped in decorating the barn with 1000 origami cranes and the band were friends from work, more amazing people. The best man’s speech was especially brutal and will stay with me for a long time! Thank you Rosie and Sam for having me along, I truly enjoyed a day spent with you, your families and friends. XXX

wedding guests dance the night away at Kingsthorpe Farm

Bridesmaid filming the speeches

bride and groom see each other for the first time in Titchmarsh church

man playing trumpet at wedding

groom drinking champagne from bottle while bride looks on

wedding guests laughing

wedding guest blowing bubbles with smoke

couples slideshow playing in church

wedding guests blowing bubbles

rock and roll band playing at kingsthorpe farm wedding

wedding guests playing and laughing

Grandpa blowing bubbles for bridesmaid

rock and roll band playing at a wedding

bride and groom bungee jumping

married couple walking and laughing at Kingsthorpe Farm

Pageboy bored during wedding ceremony

confetti throwing at Titchmarsh church wedding

Bridesmaids laughing with the bride

Guests laughing at the speeches

The best man's speech on the floor at his feet

Here’s their slideshow, turn the sound up!

  • Ben Pollard said:

    Cracking set of pics man. Loved the picture of the groom hoisted by the girls!

  • Awesome set of images dude - love how close you get to the action. I actually feel like I was there!

  • Great compositions and solid moments. Top work Paul!

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