Best Wedding Photography of 2016

2016…there’s one we’ll all remember for different reasons eh?.. For me, a bunch of great weddings to keep me busy and a heightened awareness. In 2015, I felt my business and work were stale and not inspiring me. A fairly innocent coffee with Aaron at Aaron Storry Photography set me on a journey of self-improvement, in my business and more importantly in other areas of life. That journey that has taken me, along with Aaron, from the joy of a bunch of great weddings around the UK to the hope and despair of refugee camps in Calais and Greece. 2017 will see this journey continue, with another trip to Lesvos in Greece to document the plight of the refugees effectively trapped there, and an almost full calendar of weddings (including one in Antigua!). I’m looking forward to further honing my moment-hunting skills and to telling people’s stories. Let’s do this.

Sincere and massive thanks to all the couples that booked me, and to my wife for holding stuff together!

Here are some of my favourite moments from 2016. Turn it up and enjoy.
See you soon…

  • Aaron said:

    what i said :)
    I'm a big believer in a picture paints a thousand words, your 2016 roundup is a novel worth of words - a year that you really found yourself i think - the starts of something truly remarkable. a year that you learned to be you, and that's ok - actually it's more than ok, it's perfect.
    dec 31st is just a date right, it doesn't mark the end of anything other than when the sun went down again, your journey didn't start in a January and a chapter won't be marked by 365 days.

    to infinity and beyond my friend :)

  • Rob said:

    So many funny moments dude! The naked guy was a highlight!!!

  • Thank you Rob! That naked guy was one of 1500 naked cyclists.. SO many NSFW!

  • Neil Redfern said:

    Amazing images Paul! So many incredible moments and killer portraits too. What a year you've had!

  • Hannah said:

    Bloody brilliant, paul. I loved that.

  • I very much enjoyed this Paul - And I have loved watching you blossom this year. Your work is fabulous and a great mix of epic, candids, funny moments, chaos and tenderness that make weddings just so very brilliant to be a part of. We are very lucky, huh?! Best wishes to you x

  • Thank you Jordanna, those are lovely words.. XX

  • Eliza Claire said:

    What an amazing set of images you've got here - so many "moments" captured - I bet your clients love looking through their images! Great work!

  • Adam J said:

    Really, really enjoyed that! Some absolutely cracking moments!

  • Thanks Adam! That means a lot coming from you.

  • Paul Ward said:

    Amazing work Paul. I loved watching this.

  • Martin Hobby said:

    Outstanding work Paul!
    That was just an explosion on happy moments.
    Bravo sir!

  • Dave & Linda shoesmith said:

    After the big day is over, all you have is your memories and of course the photos! You captured our wedding perfectly paul , we were completely blown away with your talent, and everyone commented on how relaxed, humorous and professional you were. We had the best day ever and thanks to you, we can relive our special day everyday! ❤️ Much love Linda & Dave Xxx

  • Perry Shears said:

    Excellent job wing commander. Absolutely stunning pictures as always!

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