Best Wedding Photography of 2015




2015. As Frankie said, it was a very good year. This is a round up of my best wedding photography from the year, my favourite frames. Jason and I were incredibly honoured to capture weddings for some awesome people in some awesome places around the UK and even one in Portugal. It’s been pretty intense but the food has been great! This was Jason’s first year as a ‘proper’ wedding tog after a year of shadowing Perry and myself throughout 2014, and it’s fair to say the lad done good…there are a few of his in MY favourites below. Perry even reprised his role for one wedding, which was fun, firing up the old double-act again.

Massive thanks as well go to my ever-tolerant wife Nicole. It’s not easy being married to a wedding photographer, knowing that our family life stops so I can record the first day of someone else’s. 2016 is looking exciting too, after meeting someone who has changed the way that I see and think about wedding photography, and life. So much so that I’m itching to get started. But before that, here’s a few from 2015…enjoy!


  • Aaron said:

    Paul, these images are wonderful! It's been a huge pleasure, honour and privilege getting to know you over the past few months.

    Any couple that books you based on your 2015 portfolio are in for a real treat.
    Take a bow my friend // you should be extremely proud of yourself :)

    Let's smash 2016!!!

  • Darren Gair said:

    Stunning round up of a brilliant year Paul, all the very best for 2016 my friend.

  • Paul said:

    You're a wonderful man Mr Storry, thank you.
    Yes, lets!

  • Paul said:

    Thank you Darren! And to you too..

  • Perry Shears said:

    Well done to you both. Emotion, emotion, emotion! I miss it! Nice to see one of mine made it from my guest appearance - it was fun! Here's to loads of couples realising what a great service you guys offer. Good luck with everything in 2016.

  • Anitra Hawley said:

    Stunning Paul! And you just made me cry again! Love to all and looking forward to seeing 2016 photos. X X

  • Paul said:

    Why, thank you sir! :)

  • Olivia Thompson said:

    Beautiful pictures x

  • Paul said:

    Thank you Anitra! XX

  • John H said:

    Really awesome work buddy! Loved looking through these. That starry night shot tho....

  • Paul said:

    Ha ha! Thanks man.. Looking forward to having a beer with you this year..

  • Natalie J Watts said:

    Beautiful! Nx

  • Russ Johnson said:

    No words x

  • Adams said:

    Amazing photos. Looks like it was a very good and Creative year for you !

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