Bedford Wedding Photography | Rachael & Drew

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“Will you give me yourself? Will you come travel with me? Shall we stick by each other as long as we live?”
– Walt Whitman

What an amazing day with Rachael and Drew. Drew was in the US Army, based in Germany and Rachael is a girl that loves to travel, somewhere their paths crossed.
They got ‘actually’ married in Gibraltar last year and ‘really’ married in the garden of a large house in Bedford that Rachael found on Air BnB. 6 The Crescent.
Such a very cool day, the guests were from all over the world, friends Rachael had met travelling, Drew’s family from the US, and they were determined to party.
It rained a bit, but they laughed in it’s face and carried on. This wedding wasn’t about weather, it was about love, and these two had enough for everybody.

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  • Aaron said:

    When you see it like ^this^ - W O W !
    I'm so proud for you man, absolutely incredible wedding photography - documented from the heart - 2 infinity & beyond x

  • Damian said:

    You really get in there don't you. Great stuff.

  • ed brown said:

    PAUL i am loving this set of emotive images - i bet rachael & Drew were over the moon with these .... and rightly so!

  • Tobiah Tayo said:

    Absolutely brilliant!

    The emotion you captured is tremendous. I really felt like I was at the wedding looking through the photos.

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