Paul Mockford

After my Mum showed my first girlfriend a photo of toddler-me naked in the bath, I might have had a problem with photos..
Quite the opposite though, I love them, and truly, truly realise how important they are to us all. Even that one.
Having spent years as a creative stuck in a technically-minded body, I finally found photography about 11 years ago. Suddenly I had a way to create using technical skills, and I was addicted.
I fell into weddings accidentally and never left. Now, it’s everything to me. Our stories need to be told, our emotions remembered, our family histories created and recorded.
Sounds silly maybe, but it’s a bit of a mission for me. I am all about making sure your story is told.

I’m unbelievably lucky to share my life with my wife Nicole (some kind of wonderful) and our two little monsters, Erin and Phoebe (amazing/total nightmares).
I like: Singing in a country rock band. Beer. Gold Rush on Discovery. Savoury snacks. Game of Thrones. Science Fiction. Facebook. Live music. bbqs with friends. Seaside towns. Occasional running.


Photo by Aaron Storry
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